Steps To Plan A Trip To India

India is considered as have ageless civilization with birth place of 4 major religions along with the resemblance of 17 major languages and 22,000 dialects are being spoken. It is found to have 51 percent literacy yet has the largest pool of scientists and engineers. India is recognized as the 7th largest country in the world by area with over a billion people residing in there by recognized as the second populated country next to China. India prides itself as the largest democracy on Earth.

Things to do, before planning a trip to India

For planning a trip to India involves some of the factors that are to be considered. Following are some of the essential factors for planning a successful trip:

Choose Destination

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India being varied and vast it is really a tuft task to decide that where one would start to plan a trip to India and it becomes difficult to most of the people to make a free move to different places in India as they are bound time. So a traveller guide will be handy that will help for plan a trip to India. These traveller guides gives related information about the areas and also points out to some recommended areas that would look for.

Book Train and Flight Tickets

In general it’s not preferable to make reservations in advance to a particular planning a trip for a visit to India. In particular as some of the travellers don’t like to get constrained to a particular mode of travel. However, in recent time’s people travelling in Indian Railways has been increased significantly as it serves as a cheaper alternative than availing expensive flights. The trains running on popular routes get booked few months before in advance especially during holidays there by insists the travellers to make early booking. As compared to trains reservations for flights in advance are not all necessary. But most of the airlines offer discount facility for around 15 to 21 day to every purchase of ticket in advance.

Travelling around in India

India is famous for its tourist attraction and is best known for available of monuments, famous temples all around along with famous wildlife and beaches. In addition India is now filled with exiting and trilling adventures like camping, trekking, snorkeling, river rafting and many more. Travellers find themselves in hubs of excitement and are entrained to great extent in accordance to the places of visit.

Travelling to India with kids

When you planning a trip to India never assume children as a barrier. Presence of kids makes the moment of journey happy, so it’s better to have kids on board when you travel. A visit to India is an ideal place for children to experience the feel of adventure as India is best known for hills, beaches, backwaters and lot more.

Book Accommodations in Advance

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Before planning a trip to India travellers should book their accommodation in advance. As far booking of accommodation is concerned one can simply walk into hotels or can even ask for negotiation in rate but it’s better to make advance booking for your accommodations for major cities in particular Delhi. Often the arrival of International flights arrives at night which makes travellers uncomfortable to adjust at a different place. People used to prey on tourists on taking them to low quality hotels for which they are paid commission for their work.

Stay healthy and safe

India being recognised as a developing nation the health has been a prime importance for travellers. It’s better to check your health status in advance before plan a trip to India and to get prescribed against illnesses. Travellers may require factors like immunizations and medications which gets necessary depending on the particular regions you would visit (as per fact: there are areas that are prone to malaria while other places may have little risk to other infections).

Indian food

India is best known for traditional food and is being appreciated worldwide for its best use of herbs and spices. Food of India is known as the Indian cuisine which means it comprises of large number of dishes. Cooking style varies from region to region but all hotel resorts and restaurants are diversified to multi cuisine there by helps the visitors to avail as per the required dish. The staple food like rice, wheat and pulses with chana are the most diversified food to all type of visitors.

Check weather and climate

To make your visit exciting and soothing it’s ideal to choose a preferred time of visit. So before plan a trip to India to any place it’s better to take a note of the climatic conditions of the particular region that you would like to visit. But considering the time span to visit India is ideal to visit in all seasons but is selective for certain places to particular part of year. India is considered as a hot tropical climate with variations to different regions. Winter seasons fall between the months of November and mid March followed by summer season from April to June. But for travelling around India the monsoon season is found more erratic, which lies between the months of mid July and September.

Get a Tourist Visa

Except the citizens of Nepal and Bhutan which are referred as the neighbouring countries each traveller must keep his/her visa ready before planning a trip to India. There’s no provision for issuing a visa on arrival as per the rule you have to make your visa available before giving a visit to India. There is a privilege for visitors who stays in India for around 72 hours can get a Transit Visa or else an Indian Tourist Visa. In many countries it has been made more efficient by the Indian Embassy regarding outsourcing for the processing on the part of the Indian visa to private agencies.

Indian Culture and basic language

For the first time visitors one may feel a bit uncomfortable of how to make themselves adjust with the culture and language. So planning a trip to India it is better to avoid the risks of culture by reading in details about the cultural status of India or by watching related documentaries and other programs related to India. As far as learning of language is concern it is advised to get a translator book that will help to understand the preferred language and in other way helps you to communicate with the people. It is advised to be prepared to any possible mishaps so you should be also be aware of the interlinked information like facts related to scams, exiting dangers or even annoyances.

Communication with the people

When travelling is concerned you should be safe at your own level. Most of the people who are drivers and other shopkeepers provoke you to make issues over prices that are being marked but keeping in mind that to make a clever way out. In addition, avoid moving around anywhere with people or never allow anyone to take care of your personal items.

Packing list

While planning a trip to India the first foremost thing is to do packing as it’s more vital to consider all kind of dress standards that are in use. Some travellers carry very less to India but instead they look for dress that would suit them and buy them. But in general, traveller wills to bring as much possible from their respective place so as to wear better quality dress than that of Indian market. The most essential things that should be given importance is to refer the type of luggage to get carried either in backpack or in form of suitcase, type of clothes, number of shoes, different medicines in particular, personal items, amount of money in form of credit or debit card as ATM machines are now available though out India. In addition there are other items which are useful too like the plug adapters, the flashlight and in particular the padlocks.

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