Essential Travel Accessories To Travel Light & Far

there are a few items to take with you that will make most trips way more enjoyable! You will also notice that this list is quite different from most other travel accessory lists out there. It’s lean, focused, and lacking fluff. But every item here delivers tremendous value, and will increase your travel joy!

1. Passport Cover

The passport cover is my favorite travel accessory. In Why Passport Covers Are The Most Underrated Travel AccessoryI wrote:

One thing you will not find in any list of must have travel accessories is the humble passport cover. I find this super strange, as having a passport in good condition is probably the most important thing to have when traveling internationally. If your luggage ends up in Mogadishu and your phone goes swimming in the toilet, your passport will still be there for you when you want to cross your next border like a champ.

Pretty compelling, eh?

If you get one from The Wander Lab you’ll be able to personalize one of our stunning designs by adding your name. So not only will you be taking excellent care of your precious passport, you’ll also be traveling in style. Go you!

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2. Compression Bags And/Or Packing Cubes

I remember when I figured out that I could nearly double the space in my suitcase just by putting clothes in a compression bag. My mind was blown. I now always use this trick! These bags also keep everything perfectly organized, and can be used as laundry bags.

If you’re not familiar with compression bags, you’re able to remove the air and dramatically reduce the footprint of your clothing. They are also waterproof if that’s something which is important to you. Great for those times when a rain storm sneaks up on you in Raincouver!

Packing cubes allow you organize the contents of your bag into smaller — wait for it — cubes 😜 If you want to be a packing ninja you can put your compression bags into your packing cubes. Most packing cubes do provide a certain degree of compression, just not to the same extent as compression bags. They are also good if you want to organize your items, but don’t want to compress them.

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3. Power Converter

One thing many first time traveler’s don’t realize is that power adapters do not protect their device from a difference in voltage. It’s true that many devices do accept a range in voltage. For example my laptop charger accepts a range of 100–240 volts. However many devices do not.

This is where a power converter saves the day. I never travel without the Bestek 220 to 110 voltage converter (this is the conversion you need if you’re from North America). With its three plugs plus four USB charging ports you can charge up to 7 devices at once! From one wall plug I’m able to charge two laptops, an electric tooth brush, GoPro, kindle, iPhone, and power bank simultaneously. I use this device everyday, and couldn’t imagine traveling without it.

If you’re from outside North America, be sure to do some research on the voltage in your home country and destination country. This way you will be able to buy the correct power converter for your devices.

4. Power Bank

There are so many times when I’ve needed to charge my phone or GoPro while on the go. This is where a power bank shines. Exploring a new city with my iPhone, local sim card, and power bank makes it easy to roam all day with confidence.

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5. Electronics Organizer

If you travel with a lot of electronics I highly recommend using an electronics organizer. It’s a great place to store your power converter, power bank, SD cards, USB cables, and even an iPad. I also pack an HDMI cable as I love being able to plug my laptop into a TV!

Not only will an electronics organizer keep everything neatly in one place, it will also help to keep your cords in excellent condition and extend their usable life.

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6. RFID Thin Travel Wallet

I’ve been using a thin travel wallet as my everyday wallet for five years. I can’t imagine using a regular wallet at this point. When traveling, I find this especially important. In order to appear unattractive to pick pockets, I try to reduce the outline a wallet makes in my pocket as much as possible. I also think it just looks better to not have a brick in the front (or back) of your pants.

The other great thing about travel wallets is that you can combine the benefits of a small wallet with RFID protection, keeping the information stored in your credit and debit cards safe.

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7. Hard Shell, Water Resistant Laptop Case

There are not many things I own which give me more peace of mind than my hard shell, water resistant laptop case. I never worry about stuffing my backpack with laptop inside a tight overhead compartment, or getting caught in a rain storm while riding my scooter through Ubud.

My laptop is the most valuable thing I travel with, so taking care of it while in transit is at the top of my priority list. The great news is that hard shell laptop cases take up no more space than a soft laptop protector, and weigh about the same.

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8. Smart Phone Lens Kit

If you like to travel light without a DSLR camera, then it’s definitely worth it to get a lens kit for your phone! The kit linked below comes with a super wide angle lens, a 180° fisheye lens, and a 10X Macro Lens. All of which clip together to reduce space. At less than $20, it’s one of the cheapest items on this list. Not bad for something that will take your Instagram game to the next level!

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