Best Travel Accessories for backpackers & adventurers

If you’re someone (or you know someone) who loves exploring the outdoors or is about to go backpacking, then I’ve put together a great guide to the best travel accessories for you!

1. The Ridge Wallet

travel accessories the ridge wallet

You can get all sorts of fancy wallets nowadays but The Ridge Wallet is the wallet I take on my travels.

When I go out I don’t always want to take a bag with me just so I have somewhere to put my wallet. Pockets in women’s clothes aren’t big enough for your standard wallet and so I end up putting a card in there which then falls out when I reach for my phone. Basically, it’s not ideal.

However, The Ridge Wallet is tiny, super light and fits in all my pockets (even those super shallow ones you get in jeans).

It holds up to 12 cards before it’s full which is loads when you think about it. When you travel you really don’t need all those loyalty cards for shops back home, and when you’re back home you’re probably not going to have to have that many cards on you at all times anyway!

Oh, and if you are worried about someone stealing your details wirelessly then you’ll be pleased to know their wallets block RFID (wireless theft).

They also come in lots of different colours (even my favourite colour!)

2. Compression bags

I used these during Thom and I’s three month trip around South America and I think they’re the best way to save space in your bag. They’re pretty much the ultimate travel accessory for any backpacker.

I know people love packing cubes but I think these are even better. Not only can you arrange your clothes in different bags but you can roll it up and squeeze all the air out meaning all your clothes take up so much less room!

The ones that are self sealing are best for travellers as you don’t want to fuss about with a vacuum in your dorm or hotel room.

3. Waterproof phone case

If you’re planning to chill out by the beach, try some kayaking, go snorkelling or even find a waterfall then you’re going to find a waterproof case super useful.

I’m forever breaking things because they got wet. I recently bought myself a waterproof case and now I can be safe in the knowledge that even if my phone does get splashed a bit too much, it’ll still work.

These waterproof cases work on loads of phones and you can still use your phone normally whilst it’s in the case. I’ve tested out taking pictures with it too and you wouldn’t be able to tell it was in a plastic-y case. You can keep it around your neck thanks to the lanyard. The best part is they’re not even expensive!

Whilst I’m not sure I trust it enough to actually drop it into the sea outright, it’s definitely on my list of essential travel accessories for adventurers!

4. Battery pack

These aren’t even just essential travel accessories any more. They’re pretty much life essentials. A good battery pack will charge your phone up more than once in between being charged itself. I love this one that Thom got me for Christmas. It’s super lightweight, charges quick and is a nice colour too!

5. Collapsible water bottles

It honestly drives me crazy the amount of plastic water bottles travellers get through. Please, please take your own water bottle with you! I mean this even more when you’re travelling somewhere that has drinkable tap water!

You can get all sorts of cool water bottles now. I remember having collapsible water bottles similar to these ones when I went on my first hiking trip at 13. They’re a great accessory to pack as they’re very light and can fold down to take up almost no space. However, if you want to look a bit more stylish then invest in something like a Swell bottle. This will keep water cool AND looks great on your desk back home. But really, any water bottle will do.

6. Reusable bottles for toiletries

I know part of the excitement of going on holiday comes from picking up all the tiny minis at Boots or your local drug store, but these are so much better for your pocket and the environment.

Forget spending a ridiculous amount on a tiny shampoo and buy these reusable bottles. Then, just squeeze in your usual shampoo, conditioner, make up remover etc and you’re good to go.

It’s especially good for shorter trips where you really don’t need that massive bottle of shampoo that will undoubtedly spill all over your clothes while in the hold.

The other benefit is that they’re now in small enough containers to get you through airport security. So, if you like travelling with just hand luggage then these are perfect!

Oh, you may want to label them too cause you don’t want to go putting shampoo all over your face thinking it’s make up remover…

7. Travel adapter

If you’re travelling abroad then chances are you’ll need some sort of travel adapter. This travel adapter has you covered for all your electrical needs. Not only does it have adapters for the US, EU and Australia but it’s voltage converter, has room for up to 4 USB ports and more room for 2 plugs!

Since phones, tablets and the like are all charged by USB nowadays, the 4 USB ports makes this a great travel item to pack for your next trip.

If you’re from the UK this is the one for you:

travel adapter travel accessories

If you’re from North America then you’ll want this one:

bestek travel adapter best travel accessories

8.Travel towel

Travel towels are genius. I had the same one for years and it saw me through so many trips. More recent travel towels are even better at soaking up the water and then drying out quickly. They pack down tiny too unlike beach and bath towels which will fill up – and weight down – your backpack.

These are one of my top essential travel accessories simply because you’re going to need a towel at some point!

Even if you’re staying at a hotel you might go on a day trip to the beach, a lake, or do some water sports and want a towel to dry off after a swim.

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