Best Beaches in Goa To Visit This Year

Goa is a place in India which is known for travellers and this is a place which is covered with 125 KM across coaster areas and blessed with over 50 beautiful beaches. Since this place is packed with more than 50 beaches a person who is travelling for the first time in Goa and is staying for a limited period where he/she might wonder which beach they should visit. If you want to look for various categories for the beaches then you should look for some particular specification just like family beaches, solo beaches or adventure beaches and location that is near to your stay then you must read this article and find out best beaches in Goa to visit this year. Check out the following list below:

  • Palolem Beach:

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One of the most favourite beach for Indian and Foreign tourists in Goa, located at just 67 KM away from Dabolim airport and also 43 Km from Madgaon railway station this is the nearest beach you can visit from the airport and any railway station. In just a hand distance from the main town of Chaudi to Palolem beach, you can try out the trekking and get an adventure. Palolem beach is known for its party culture and silent disco where you can just put on headphones and dance silently without any amplifying loud music just under the clear sky.

  • Miramar Beach:

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Famous for all the local tourists and those who want to come with family and experience the amazing view of the sunset, Miramar Beach is the best beach who want to take their family at any beach. Since most of the family tourist visits here this beach are a bit crowded and the best part of this beach is that it is just 39 minutes from Goa Airport. The beach is safe for swimming as it is guarded by a lifeguard and also offers an exclusive range of water sports as well. If you are a food lover then there are multiple restaurants which will be a Savior for you during hunger.

  • Candolim Beach:

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One of the cleanest beaches of Goa and India as well, the Candolim beach is known for its scrubbed dunes and this beach is located just 38 KM from Goa airport. If you want to avoid crowded environment and looking for a peaceful place to relief your mind then visit this beach and get your mind relaxed.

The above mentioned was the list of some of the best beaches in Goa you can visit this year. If you are planning to visit this amazing place then don’t forget to visit this place and experience many things in your life. Thank You for reading.